Objective Caml Toplevel
This page contains a Java 1.6 applet running an Objective Caml toplevel under the Cadmium interpreter.
This applet is quite large (roughly three megabyte) and is signed (you must hence trust it before execution).
The top pane contains the output of the toplevel while the bottom pane is used to type commands to the toplevel.
The commands should end with ;; (double semicolon) and are evaluated when the "send" button is clicked, or ctrl-return is typed.
The history can be navigated using ctrl-up and ctrl-down; it is also possible to paste an history item or to save the full history
(from the window opened by the "history" buttton).

It is also possible to use the toplevel off-line by downloading this jar file,
and then either double-clicking the downloaded file or typing the command "java -jar toplevel.jar" in a terminal.

Warning (MacOS X 10.5 users): the applet cannot be run using usual browsers because it needs Java 1.6,
and under MacOS X 10.5.x Java 1.6 is 64-bit while the browsers execute in 32-bit mode (more information here).
Nevertheless, it still possible to use the toplevel by either using a special browser (e. g. Browser 64 available here),
or by downloading it and executing it as explained above.
The applet jar embeds the binary of the Objective Caml toplevel as well as the cmi and cma files from the Objective Caml standard library.
All these files can be built from the sources available on the official Objective Caml website.